|height="50px"| Wool |Wool |50 |247

Classification: Cloth Quality:50

Weight: 1
NPC Purchase Price: 247

Dropped By
Mummy, Mummy Ranger, Mummy Princess
Dropped On
All monsters in the following map(s) drop this item:
City of Junon Polis, Kenji Beach
Purchase From
(Ferrell Guild Staff) Ulysses, (Ferrell Guild Staff) Seyon, (Ferrell Guild Staff) Belz, (Ferrell Guild Merchant) Lina, (Ferrell Guild Staff) Kiroth, (Ferrell Trader) Sergei, (Storage Keeper) Dustin Leta
Obtainable From Quest
Used To Craft The Following Item(s)
Heroic Sword, Cupid Bow, Heaven's Gloves, Heaven's Coat, Heaven's Bonnet, Heaven's Shoes