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To be qualified for the second job quest you must first of all be at level 70 or above.



Lucid: King of Legend (Second Job Change)
Your second job quest starts by talking to Darren (Junon Mayor). He will send you to Crune (Weapon Merchant) and she in turn to Kenji Beach to kill Krawfy King until you get Lucid's Crown. Then you have to return to Crune.
You will be sent to speak with Leonard in Zant. He in turn will send you to the 2nd level of the Goblin Cave to retrieve 5 fragments of Lucid's Crown. You will have to fight Goblin Warriors to obtain the 5 fragments (I don't think the other goblins drop anything). Then you have to return to Zant and talk to Leonard again.
Next, you have to go to Mairath in Breezy Hills (Somewhere at the center of the map).He will say that a spell is cast on the sword and that he needs the Token of Friendship from the Stone Golems in the Gorge of Silence. Once you return to Mairath with the token, he will repair the sword and ask you to take it to Jones (Historian) in Junon Polis who will give you the letter of recomendation.
Go to the Mayor again and by paying 200,000 Zuly you will be able to become either a Knight or a Champion.


Namielle: Mother of All (Second Job Change)
Your second job quest starts by talking to Darren (Junon Mayor). He will send you to Lisa (Junon Designer) and she in turn to Kenji Beach to kill Junon's King kong. You will have to kill him until you get an Old priest Amulet. Then you will have to return to Lisa.
Be Warned!!! Obtaining the amulet might take a long time. Personaly it took me 3 days to complete. Yes, that's right.
After you have talked to Lisa, you will be sent to Mina(Jeweler) [Zant SouthEast NPC]. From there, go to Goblin Cave B2 to kill Goblin Warriors. You will have to kill them until you get Namielle's Wedding Ring. Return to Mina and from there you will be sent to Lutis ( Top of tower in Valley of Luxem Tower ). He in turn will send you to Gorge of Silence to kill Stone Golems to get 5 Hairpins of Oblivion's. Return to Zant and talk to Mina.
Finally you will get Mina's Recommendation, and you will have to go back to Darren. By donating 200,000 Zuly for the Junon Funds you will be able to become Cleric of a Mage!


Kirnale's Journals (Second Job Change)
1 Little Advice, it helped alot to use Gorgeous Jewels for the extra Charm.
Started by Talking to Darren (Junon Mayor) who sends you to Saki (Junon Armor Seller), he will send you on a quest to kill Crawfy Kings (Kenji Beach) to get (1 Kirnale's Compass and 1 Portable Sundial Supreme), after you got those you return to Saki who will send you to Jones (Junon Historian at the light tower) ,and he will make you get 5 Journals from Goblin Warriors (Goblin Cave B2), when you're done with that, he will send you to Sharlin (Zant's Tavern Owner) and she will send you to Gorge of Silence to kill Stone Golems (Regular ones for the one who wonder), till u get your final quest item, the (1 Phoenix Quill) and u return to Sharlin, who will send you back to Darren with an recommendation. you will be asked to donate 200,000 to the Junon Funds, then you will pick your wanted second job.
and then....
Congrats you are a Raider or a Scout!


Lillith, Woman of the Cosmos (Second Job Change) Mildun, Hotch, Jones, Darren Speak with these NPCs in the following order - Mildun, Hotch, Jones and Darren - to learn the story of Lillith and acquire the qualification for
2nd advanced job change.
Goblin Warrior: 1 Family Emblem
Krawfy King: 5 Bottled Love Letters
Stone Golem: 1 Lillith's Scales

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