|height="50px"| Lesian |Lesian |30 |N/A

Classification: Unnknown Quality:30

Weight: 3
NPC Purchase Price: Unavailable

Dropped By
Dropped On
All monsters in the following map(s) drop this item:
El Verloon Desert, Goblin Cave (B1)
Purchase From
Obtainable From Quest
Used To Craft The Following Item(s)
Viking Sword, Morning Star, Pony Hammer, Elf Bow Gun, Bastard Sword, Claymore, Silver Axe, Golden Axe, Lightning Spear, Half-Elf Bow, Beretta, Sniper Gun, Mythril Launcher, Golden Staff, Blizzard Wand, Crescent Knuckle, Shaft Claw, Twin Ghost Bat, Lion Backshield, Lunatic Candy Bar, Bang Bang Tree Leaf

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