When the creatures of the first planet Junon began to adore Arua, the God of Adventure (Junon himself) adored Arua as well. And Junon Planet began to receive more attention from Arua, than all the other planets. This was unprecedented amongst the Gods and Goddesses, who were all to be equal in Arua’s eyes. But soon, it became quite clear… Arua’s favoritism towards Junon was apparently due to her falling in love.

Arua, who had created the universe from love, was finally receiving some back; from the God of Adventure, Junon, who fell madly in love with the Goddess of Life and Souls almost immediately after his own creation and of the other Gods and Goddesses. She is the Goddess of Life and Souls so she is most powerful. If the gods would rebel, they all would have been helpless against her.

Hebarn, the God of Darkness and Secrets, became jealous of the divine affair instantly; and demanded that Junon’s love cease, so that Arua may belong to all the lesser Gods and Goddesses equally (Arua created the other Gods and Goddesses, that is why they are lesser). But Skaaj, the Goddess of Love, could not deny the veracity of the love’s power; and she blessed Junon’s and Arua’s conjugation herself, making it official above all other matters in the universe.

Hebarn was both furious and envious at these turn of events, for his own love for Luna, the Goddess of Magic had been ignored completely by Skaaj in the past. Skaaj never officiated anything because Luna, in charge of the cold and icy second planet of Luna, never reciprocated the love to Hebarn. It was after this that Hebarn became also known as the God of Jealousy and Envy. The Dark God soon exiled himself from the other deities, vowing revenge against Arua’s love and distancing the planet Hebarn from the rest of the universe: “If there can be love only from light, let there be hatred bourne from the darkness.” Hebarn will soon strike the six other planets himself. Arua created the visitors to defend the planets.

Junon - The God of Adventurers~