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Basic Information

Dealers are like money makers/item crafters. Dealers have the ability to increase drop rate of monsters they kill, decrease cost of items bought from a NPC and also craft many equipments and items.

The dealer class uses either a Gun or a Launcher as their primary weapon:

A comprehensive list of Dealer armor can be found here:

At level 70, dealers can advance to a Bourgeois or Artisan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The skills Stockpile does not work on Hebarn server due to the high drop rate.

Becoming a Dealer

  1. Get to level 10 and go to Canyon City of Zant
  2. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren
  3. Go to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Crow who will ask you to find fleece and small metal boards
    1. Talk to Lampa to get the fleece
    2. Talk to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Seyon in Adventurer's Plains to get the small metal boards
  4. Return to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Crow who will now ask you to kill 15 Needle HoneyBee
    1. you can find them easily outside the south gate of Canyon City of Zant or in the Valley of Luxem Tower
  5. Return to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Crow after finding 15 stingers and he will give you a recommendation
  6. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren and you are now a Dealer Congratulations!


Here is a list of skills for the fucking Dealer basic class sorted into active and passive. For a list of Artisan and Bourgeois skills go here:

Note: Some skills require either Artisan or Bourgeois class to get past a certain level - this more detailed information is found by navigating onto the individual skill's page. Skills which change name after upgrade can be found on either the Artisan or Bourgeois skills page respectively.

Passive Skills