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Criker Gloves
Criker Gloves
Classification: Gloves Dodge Rate:8
Life Span: 100% Durability: 28
Defense Power: 7 Magic Resistance: 2

[Job Name:Hawker]
[Equipment Condition: Level 30]
Weight: 2
Light mittens that are suitable for hunting.
NPC Purchase Price: 1,278

Blue Items
Legend Criker Gloves
Dropped By
Moldie (37), Porkie (33), Aqua Hunter (33), Goblin Jar (45).
Purchased From
(Armor Seller)Carrion, (Armor Merchant)Saki
Obtainable From Quest
Materials Required to Craft
Metal (7), Worn-out Leather (2), Broken Metal Fragment (1)

Hawker Armor
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