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|rowspan=2 height="50px"| Behead Axe |rowspan=2|Behead Axe |height="25px"|303 |height="25px"|Fast +1 |height="25px"|2M |height="25px"|156 |height="25px"| |rowspan=2|Holy Behead Axe |- |colspan=3 height="25px"| |colspan=2 height="25px"|Stats: Strength 294

Weapons >> Two-hand Axe >> Behead Axe

Behead Axe
Behead Axe
Classification: Two-hand Axe Hit Rate:Variable
Life Span: 100% Durability: Variable
Attack Power: 303 Attack Speed: Fast +1

Attack Distance: 2M
[Equipment Condition: Strength 294]
[Equipment Condition: Level 156]
An axe used to behead criminals. It's filled with the resentment of those it has killed.
NPC Purchase Price: Unavailable

Blue Items
Holy Behead Axe
Dropped By
Tiger Sikuku Hunter
Purchased From
Obtainable From Quest
Materials Required to Craft

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