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AruaPoint quests are unique quests to the AruaROSE server. They reward you with AruaPoints that you can use to buy various items from the Mall.

Note : The quests must now be done in sequence, refer to the list at . Each quest gives 5 AruaPoints.


Quest 1 - Tasty Jellies!Edit

  • Map: adventure plain
  • NPC: (Little Street Vendor) Pony
  • =====Sentence: "These Red Jelly Beans are adorable"===== - Does not work
  • Goal: Kill Red Jelly Beans in order to obtain 10 Red Jelly Beans
  • Reward: 5 AruaPoints
  • Note: kill jellybeans , after a while red jellybeans will appaer.Red Jelly Beans are more easily found on Evo Plains, accessible via the Passenger Ship on Adventurer's Plains.

Quest 2 - Cowboy HatsEdit

Quest 3 - Rackie Holigans BatsEdit

  • Map: Breezy Hills
  • NPC: (Ferrell Guild Staff) Belz at (5357,5059) (in the Windmill Village)
  • Sentence: "Hey, you seem a bit gloomy"
  • Goal: Kill Rackie Hooligans in order to obtain 5 Rackie Hooligan Bats
  • Reward: 5 AruaPoints
  • Note: They only drop the items at Breezy Hill,near the El Verloon Desert entrance.

Quest 4 - Aqua Guard SoulsEdit

Quest 5 - Master Queen BiBi CarnageEdit

  • Map: El verloon Desert
  • NPC: (Ferrell Guild Merchant) Lina at (5566,4927)
  • Sentence: "I've seen a lot of corpses laying around this desert lately"
  • Goal: Kill Master Queen Bibis in order to obtain 5 Bibi Needles
  • Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 6 - Scarab NuisanceEdit

Quest 7 - Hunter RumoursEdit

Quest 8 - Ferrell BouldersEdit


Quest 1 - Alcoholic SecretsEdit

Quest 2 - Mammoths PlanEdit

Quest 3 - Beauties!Edit

Quest 4 - Electical PowerEdit


Quest 1 - Save the Trade

Quest 2 - Sikuku's Darts

Quest 3 - Sikuku Skins

Quest 4 - Ikaness Crystals

Quest 5 - Gilberts Trade Book


Quest 1 - Needed SuppliesEdit

Quest 2 - Lost EmblemEdit

  • Map: ???
  • NPC: ???
  • Sentence: ??????
  • Goal: Find the Lost Emblem
  • Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 3 - Oro DelicaciesEdit

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